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Executive Air Charter Services

When you need to get somewhere in comfort and on time, why don’t you try taking one of our executive jets? Whatever your expectations are of a luxury service, the Pristine Jet Charter team will deliver, no matter what your requirements are.

We understand what a busy executive needs, and we’ll accentuate and highlight the reasons a corporation chooses private jet rental for their travel. Time is money, and business deals are made by professionals that focus on their goals, not distracted by mundane airport security or arranging ground transportation after they arrive. We cater to an executive’s whims, whether the flight be used productively with onboard meetings with the need for conference abilities, to a fine meal to reset and refresh, to a champagne celebration.

We offer a huge variety of luxury executive jets to suit all requirements. Whether you want to fly frequently or now and again, our dedication to delivering superior, personalised itineraries and our focus on customer service guarantees that your executive jet charter experience, from the first phone call to the very last landing, is seamless, reliable, and promises to exceed all expectations.

Why our Executive Air Charter Service is Your First Choice

  • Offices in 5 countries and time zones to accommodate global travel
  • Experienced charter specialists available 24-7 for your every need
  • Access to private-only terminals and smaller regional airports get you closer to your destination
  • Catering, ground transportation, empty legs, the full scope of private travel
  • 30 years experience in executive jet charters

When flying for business or inviting your family to join you and combining a conference with a vacation, hiring an executive jet aircraft from Pristine Jet Charter is the ultimate experience in luxury and the perfect way to fly your clients, colleagues, friends, and family.

When Speed is Everything

Being in the right place at the right time is vital in today’s fast-paced world. Whether it makes the difference between winning or losing a business-breaking deal or maximising cherished time with loved ones, sometimes you just need to be somewhere else – fast.

Arrive at the airport as little as 15 minutes prior to departure, whisk through security and board one of our beautiful aircraft.

Accessible Air Travel

Pristine Jet Charter was a pioneer in making the world of private air travel more accessible, and is still flying high three decades later.

Unparalleled Experience

We found the ideal balance between modern technologies/luxuries and good old-fashioned values, enabling us to provide a private travel experience like no other.

Pristine Jet Charter Worldwide

Pristine Jet Charter has six regional offices around the world, spread across five time zones and spanning four continents- truly an international aircraft charter company.

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