Air Taxi Service

Pristine Jet Charter provides light aircraft, small jets and helicopters for air taxi services.

Air Taxi Service

Pristine Jet Charter’s Air Taxi Service caters to shorter flights.

We’ll get you from Point A to Point B with no hassle and complete privacy. With 30 years in business and a vast network of charter specialists, we can make even your last-minute air taxi flight happen with as little as 2 hours’ notice. Our team does this all day, safely and reliably; let us handle the details.

Air Taxi Charter Options

We offer our clients a wide range of aircraft options when using our air taxi service such as Turbo Prop aircraft, small/light jets or even helicopters. Perfect for when you need to arrive quickly, without the sluggish headache of airport security and check-in.

Air Taxis can reach smaller airports closer to where you need to be, saving valuable ground travel time. These short flights also allow you the possibility to attend multiple destinations in a day or brief same-day turnarounds.

Accessible Air Travel

Pristine Jet Charter was a pioneer in making the world of private air travel more accessible, and is still flying high three decades later.

Unparalleled Experience

We found the ideal balance between modern technologies/luxuries and good old-fashioned values, enabling us to provide a private travel experience like no other.

Pristine Jet Charter Worldwide

Pristine Jet Charter has six regional offices around the world, spread across five time zones and spanning four continents- truly an international aircraft charter company.

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