RoyalJet Adds To Its Boeing Business Jet Fleet

UAE-based luxury charter operator RoyalJet has expanded its fleet by acquiring another private aircraft. The machine comes from the US manufacturer’s ‘Boeing Business Jet’ line of corporate planes. RoyalJet will fit it with a lavish, low-density configuration.

RoyalJet Adds To Its Boeing Business Jet Fleet
RoyalJet’s BBJ fleet consists predominantly of corporate Boeing 737s. Photo: RoyalJet

A new arrival

RoyalJet has confirmed that it has purchased a Boeing Business Jet aircraft to help grow its operations. In a statement released today, the Abu Dhabi-based luxury charter specialist detailed some of the work being undertaken on the plane ahead of its entry into service at the operator. The work in question is taking place in Basel, Switzerland.

This will involve the implementation of “technological and communications upgrades” on the “pristine, low time aircraft.” While RoyalJet has not disclosed the registration or model of the plane in question, this comment implies it to be an example with minimal flight hours. Speaking about RoyalJet’s present market situation, CEO Rob DiCastri stated:

Despite the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic, demand in the past 6 months has exceeded supply in our sector of the aviation industry and in our region.  The overall health of the global private jet market has now been strong for an extended period of time, and growth is expected to continue.”

RoyalJet Boeing 787
RoyalJet received this ex-Deer Jet BBJ 787 last year. Photo: 湯小沅 via Flickr

Luxurious and long-range

The new aircraft’s arrival will allow RoyalJet to fly further than before, with the operator explaining that it will “become the longest range BBJ in RoyalJet’s fleet.” Fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks, it will be capable of non-stop flights more than 12 hours in length.

The onboard experiences for the aircraft’s lucky passengers will also represent some of the best that the skies have to offer. Fitted with a comprehensive right entertainment system, the 23-seat VVIP cabin features both lie-flat seats and a master bedroom with a queen-size bed. Upgraded soundproofing and filtration will also enhance the experience. DiCastri states:

Fleet expansion, renewal, and upgrade are integral elements of our ongoing customer experience transformation, allowing us to continue to provide an even more exceptional experience to our guests.”

RoyalJet 737
RoyalJet operates the world’s largest fleet of BBJ aircraft. Photo: Markus Eigenheer via Flickr

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RoyalJet’s existing fleet

The identity of the aircraft in question remains under wraps. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to find out the exact model, and its history. In terms of RoyalJet’s current setup, it prefers the 737-700 when it comes to planes from the Boeing Business Jet portfolio.

The exact number of 737-700s at RoyalJet’s disposal varies from source to source. Data from and suggests that there are eight of these planes in the RoyalJet fleet. Meanwhile, the figure given by for this model is nine.

In any case, an area where the sources are in agreement is regarding the other aircraft in RoyalJet’s fleet. Registered as 2-DEER, it is an eight-year-old BBJ 787-8′ Dreamliner.’ This luxurious widebody has just 30 seats, and arrived in January 2021.

What do you make of RoyalJet’s latest acquisition? Have you ever come across any of its luxurious aircraft on your travels? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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