Emirates A380 Flies Past Flight Attendant “Stuck” On The Burj Khalifa

Emirates appears to have repeated an advertising stunt undertaken in late 2021. Once again, the Dubai-based carrier filmed a stunt actor standing on top of the Burj Khalifa. However, this time she has the company of her “friends”, an Airbus A380 wearing the “marmite” Expo 2020 livery.

Emirates A380 Flies Past Flight Attendant “Stuck” On The Burj Khalifa
CGI or Real? Emirates appears to have flown an A380 past the Burj Khalifa. Photo: Emirates via YouTube

Late last year, the avgeek community was sent into a frenzy after Emirates revealed a commercial with a ‘flight attendant’ standing atop the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. At the time, there was a considerable buzz. Was the stunt real or created with CGI? A day later, Emirates confirmed that the stunt was indeed real, with a behind-the-scenes video. Now, it’s been repeated.

Still on the Burj Khalifa?

It seems as though Emirate’s sky-diving stunt woman is still stuck on top of the Burj Khalifa as she holds a board saying, “I’m still here”. Of course, she hasn’t remained at the top since the last advert was filmed, and instead re-ascended the tower to film the new advert, likely in mid-November.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Burj Khalifa
Emirates’ stunt-woman is “still” on the Burj Khalifa. Photo: Emirates via YouTube

After the stunt-woman is seen at the top of the world’s tallest building, she holds a card saying, “Finally, here come my friends”. The shot then turns to show one of Emirates’ Airbus A380s flying towards the tower before it passes behind our fearless main character with an impressive bank angle.

When was the advert filmed?

It would appear that the advert was filmed on October 13th and 14th (the original advert aired in August 2021 before the first Expo livery was even applied to an aircraft). Ahead of these days, Emirates issued an advisory that it would be flying the Expo liveried jet low over the city of Dubai to promote the Expo 2020 festival.

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At the time of the stunt, Emirates suggested that the aircraft would be flying low over the city to promote Expo 2020 to those seeing the plane on the ground and create a buzz on social media. It seems that the airline actually had something else planned.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Burj Khalifa
The aircraft flew around the building (indicated with a red dot) at 2,750 feet several times. Photo: RadarBox.com

Data from RadarBox.com shows that on both days, A6-EEU flew low over the city for around three hours at a time, with the flight path appearing to match each one shown in the video. The giant jet overflew Expo 2020, The Palm Jumeirah, and even Dubai World Central Airport.

The plane also flew around the Burj Khalifa seven times on October 14th alone. Recorded flight data shows that the aircraft was flying at 2,750 feet on each pass. The platform that Emirates’ stunt woman was stood on is located at 830 meters, which translates to 2,723 feet.

As such, there is no reason to doubt the video’s authenticity or question whether it really happened. There would be no point in flying the A380 so close to the building at such a height if you weren’t then going to film the stunt.

What do you make of Emirates’ follow-up Burj Khalifa stunt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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